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We are a non-profitable Nigeria-based organization providing support to less privileged children, women and farmers all around Nigeria

Who We Are

Biyafarms Initiative For The Less Privileged is a registered Nigerian nonprofit  that advocates for the betterment of vulnerable Almajiri children, rural women and rural farmers.
Our mandate is to heal hurts and restore hope to indigent and streetwise children/youths through the provision of steady, qualitative and holistic education/empowerment; both in form of formal education, public/social enlightenment and skill acquisition.
we are geared towards providing empowerments for rural women and farmers for improved life and sustenance.

Nigeria is plagued by insurgency, gender inequality, poverty, moral decadence, social menace, school dropout, truancy, teenage pregnancy, emergency adulthood, sickness, confusion and apathy, especially amongst youths, there is urgent need to salvage the next generation from the stronghold of ignorance, recklessness and poverty, which sometimes culminates in sheer waste of valuable human resources and consequently leads to self-destruction. 

This, amongst others was the vision that birthed Biya Farm Initiative for Less Privileged

Our Plan

All donations will go will go into our recent cause(project) to support 3 main problems: food, Skill Acquistion and health for the vulnerable Almajiri children.


  • To provide empowerment in form of grants, livestock and training to rural women and farmers.
  • To provide educational, psycho-social, health, entrepreneurial and nutritional support to vulnerable Almajiri children.
  • To provide mentorship and guidance to Almajiri children
  • To provide information and assistance to Almajiri children on their reproductive health rights and sexuality education.
  • To protect and defend the rights of every Almajiri child against all forms of abuse.
  • To encourage, inspire and nurture the Boy-child to become responsible, noble and successful men.
  • To inspire and support the rebuild of their lives through education orvocational skills.
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Our Mission

We provide Empowerment for rural women and rural farmers, to provide the Almajiri children with accommodation, food, clothes, primary health care and quality education (vocational/entrepreneurship skills).  We also render emotional, moral and social support, especially to those who were victims of abuse and violence in the past.


Vulnerable Child Development


Rural Farmer Support


Rural farmer Sanitization

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Women Empowerment

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Most Common Questions

Key information you need to know about our organization

Biyafarms is a registered non-profit organization in Nigeria whose advocates aim to improve disadvantaged Almajiri children, rural women and rural farmers.

providing and sponsoring vocational training and skill acquisition in Northern Nigeria. our women and rural farmer program, which we partners with stakeholders to provides grant, livestock and improved seed for women and farmer has been on going and three states of the federation (Cross river, Bauchi, Gombe, kano) has benefited from this Iniative.

We are able to provide committed support to our these vulnerable children, rural women and farmers, thanks to the generous contributions we receive from our loyal donors, and to our annual fundraising events.

Every donation made to Biyafarms Initiative for the Less Privileged is tracked and assigned to its corresponding campaign – whether that be towards women empowerment, rural farmer empowerment or Almajiri Support Initiative. Any unrestricted gifts made to Biyafarms Initiative for the less Privileged are designated to our Assistance Program, which channel such resources to the designated program that it was meant for.

Most of our funding comes from compassionate individuals at the local and international levels. Some companies cooperate with us through our corporate sponsorship program, which covers a lot of our fundraising costs. We also use the Giving platform.

Like many non-profit organizations, the “Less Privilege Biyafarms Initiative” uses the “Gift Project” program to track every donation received. The plan allows us to allocate each donation to a plan or activity designated by the donor. It also generates reports in a safe and reliable platform.

Our office is currently located in Jos, Nigeria. Please visit our contact page to view our exact location and contact information.

We are an independent organization and will not define ourselves or seek promotion by any political or religious agenda or mission. However, we do support programs that may be sponsored by or associated with religious groups. Our top priority is to help disadvantaged children, rural women and rural farmers in Nigeria. We are committed to providing support and cooperation with any organization with the same goals and values, without being affected by religious credit.

Contact Us

No 2 Katako Junction, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.

(+234) 8164445965

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